View Full Version : Install of 1.4 has few spyware checks?

2005-11-05, 18:38
I noticed that 1.4 had been released, so I unistalled 1.3 and installed 1.4. When I do a spyware check, it finishes in less than a second. I understand there have been speed improvements, but I think something's wrong! I've downloaded all the latest detection rules, but when I go to Settings -> File Sets, set "Spybot Search & Destroy" only has 29 checks. That also doesn't seem right!

Is this correct behavior, or is there something wrong, and if so, any suggestions on fixing it?

2005-11-05, 18:47
Hm. I quit and restarted Spybot, and now I have 31110 checks. Apparently it has a problem when it is run directly from the installer (or it doesn't use downloaded updates until it is restarted).