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2005-11-05, 20:22
hi tech support and members,

i am new and have an install error message problem which i have not seen addressed on the spybot bulletin board forums as of yet. this is my situation:
i am running windows xp with service pack 2, use internet explorer 6, use adaware, spyblaster, cwshredder and microsoft antispy programs and also had spybots previous version installed on my desktop pc. the reason i uninstalled it from control panel's add remove was because it had begun to scan and then completely froze, and i could not longer get any updates whien i tried, so i downloaded to my desktop the latest version 1.4 using your latest mirror and on 4 different ocassions could not complete the spybot search & destroy installation due to this error message:
error opening http//www.safernetworking.org/updallocator.php server returned status code 504..........
that happens each time i try to do the latest 1.4 version installation.
please tech support can you advise what this error message displays and what error code 504 represents and exactly the reasons why this error message stops the continuation and completion of the spybot s&d version 1.4 installation, and how i can resolve it:).i also hope this newest version will not freeze during scans and be able to do updates as well. love your spybot product and really do miss it.........i thank you in advance spybot tech support fo help and hope everyone has a great weekend:).

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-05, 22:08
The site for Home of Spybot is www.safer-networking.org not www.safernetworking.org (without a hyphen) so I donít know what you are trying to install.

Please attempt to download and execute Spybot-S&D's 1.4 installation program spybotsd14.exe again.

Mirror selection
Download Spybot-S&D

If this is were you got the original download from, try a different mirror.

Size: 5037072
Created: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 9:18:44 AM
CRC-32: 7C294AAC
MD5: C1A843913269018A8FC962407D7E5169

2005-11-06, 05:53
thanks so much i downloaded using another mirror and spybot is now installed:).