View Full Version : Kaspersky, why ?

2008-02-20, 19:01
I'm just thinking. Why you always request Kaspersky scan? Is it the best malware detector?

2008-02-20, 19:54

In the Malware removal forum, we ask for a Kaspersky on-line scan to be run because:

Good with 'new' malware detection, Kaspersky scans the system deeply; producing a log that is very useful to our helpers in their analysis of any infection.

Kaspersky on-line scanner does not remove any items, and therefore does not intrude on the analysis.

Hope that helps. :)

2008-02-20, 20:10
I understand, Thank you :).

Deep scan, ehm, it takes so looong :oops: .

I hope someone will check my malware problem at malware forums:)

2008-02-21, 07:30
Hi there,

It's pretty busy but you started the topic today so hang in there.

Please don't add comments to your topic, helpers look for zero response you see. ;)

No need to post the results of the anti virus scan if it is too long, for the same reason.

You can just let your helper know you have one ready.

Best regards. :)