View Full Version : Spyware resurrects itself even S&D kills it??

2006-02-17, 13:41
I use Spybot to scan and found the spyware

then I do the following steps

1) I turned off the Windows XP 'System Restore' feature
2) I use S&D "Fix Selected Problems" to deal with those spyware
3) I also "Immunize" the system
4) I then restart the computer

when I return, the spyware is still there?.....

example of spywares that can resurrects itself
* Winfixer
* CoolWWWSearch

What is Spyware be any good for if it can only detects it but cannot actually dealt with the spyware :mad:

2006-02-17, 14:34
You could ask for help in malware removal

the instructions are here:

Malware Removal:

2006-02-18, 00:00
gus4ever, you may want to look at the following sites on how to remove "CoolWWWSearch"

Removed urls.
Every computer is different. Members should start their own malware topic. -tashi

md usa spybot fan
2006-02-18, 00:30

I think that it would be prudent to follow Zenobia (http://forums.spybot.info/member.php?u=145)'s advice and post in the Malware Removal forum rather that attempt to follow half a dozen threads in this forum and attempt to apply them to your particular situation.

Follow the instructions here:
BEFORE you post a log, and who will advise you.
Then post in the following forum:
Malware Removal