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2005-11-06, 06:13
I've had version 1.3 of spybot s & s for two years now without any quirks until now..
after my latest scan I received this error.

Error during check!: AbetterInternet (Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 005FD5D2 in Modul 'SPYBOTSD.EXE'. Lesen von Adresse 035EBFFF) ()

can anyone help explain this? I've searched the forums to no avail.

thanx doug

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-06, 06:33
If the error contains the 005FD5D2 address and you are running Windows 95/98/ME, the following probably applies.

Similar errors at various points during the scan have been reported on numerous occasions, primarily on Windows 98 systems. The scan terminates when the error occurs.

You can translate (German to English) using:

Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse = Access injury with address (or more correctly Access violation at address)
Modul = Module
Lesen von Adresse = Reading from address

This (in German):
Error during check!: --- various --- [Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 005FD5D2 in Modul 'SPYBOTSD.EXT'. Lesen von Adresse xxxxxFFF] ()
Becomes (in English):
Error during check!: --- various --- [Access violation at address 005FD5D2 in Module 'SPYBOTSD.EXT'. Reading from address xxxxxFFF] ()

The error seems to be transient in nature and other people seem to have been able to overcome the error by limiting the system resources used by other processes in the system. In other words, run as little as possible while running the Spybot scan.

2005-11-06, 06:48
thanx for your prompt answer to my delema. I will heed your advice and save thi info. you provided..

2005-11-06, 18:42
I note you say you have v 1.3. I recommend that you update to v 1.4, the current version. The only slight problem with version 1.4 is a distorted popup window with teatimer, if you use that feature (lots of posts abpout that, soon to be remedied).


After install, check for updates as the install file does not include most of the database.

2005-11-07, 03:11
the uninstall of 1.3 went smoothly thanks to this forums advice, but when I try to access "resident" in tools, I get a new error. (text exceeds memo capacity)... Also I have no resident icon on my task bar. Any more hints for me...
thanx in advance... doug

2005-11-07, 03:49
md usa spybot fan did a great job of explaining the "text exceeds memo capacity" problem in the following thread. Unfortunately it's a bit hard to find since it was buried in a thread as a second question similar to your's.


If you're looking for something like this in the future, you can try what I did and use the fourms 'Search' facility on the menu bar above. I simply entered "text exceeds memo capacity" in the Search dialog box and got two threads listed, your's and the one I linked to.

2005-11-07, 04:17
thankx bitman but I already found that post doing just as you said... My problem remaining is that I can not get to the resident screen. When clicked on I get that error of (text exceeds memo capacity).

2005-11-07, 05:37
Based on whichever OS you have below, go to the path indicated, find the 'Resident.log' file and rename it to something like 'Resident.old'. The Application Data folder is hidden by default so you may have to change this to see the folder. Here's instructions to see Hidden Files in each OS.


Windows 95 or 98:
C:\Windows\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs
Windows ME:
C:\Windows\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-07, 05:39

If you can't use the "Archive Log" button at the top of the Resident screen, you can edit the Resident.log file to reduce its size, delete it or rename it. The file is located in one of the following directories:
Windows 95 or 98:
C:\Windows\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs
Windows ME:
C:\Windows\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs
Windows NT, 2000 or XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs

2005-11-07, 06:19
I take time to now thank both bitman and esp. md usa. for providing the best expertice in this un-known area of configuration... As I've seen, a few others were following this thread and am sure you've helped them as well. I just want things to run perfectly and once again they do... I look forward now to just observing and making addl. notations on advice given..

Most truly thankfully,:: doug baxter

:) :) :) p.s. I just hate these smiley's :mad: :mad: :D

as you can well see...
ciao' for only now...

2005-11-07, 06:25
dearest rosenfeld... I didn't mean to omit you in my praise...

all I need to know now is --- How do I mark this "CASE CLOSED""