View Full Version : Suggested added feature in TeaTimer

2006-02-19, 20:32
TeaTimer apparently does not currently monitor the Registry keys that launch various Windows Services. Since such services supply a neat but nasty way to compromise a system, it would be desirable for TeaTimer to watch these. They should be announced by an appropriately worded TeaTimer popup. The action of such a monitor is easily tested by launching Rootkit Revealer from Sysinternals. This launches a randomly named Windows service whenever it is launched.

2006-05-14, 04:20
I'm not sure what spybot watches other than new registry entried and BHO's but it might be nice if it could include these if it dosen't already...


Running Programs.
Any files about to be exercuted {NS if spybot can facilitate this}
HostFile Changes.
Windows Shell settings.
Windows Services.
Windows Security policy settings.
Layered Service Providers.

Tea Timer & SD Helper are cool little features, but now require some extending...
It might also be nice if someone made an SD Helper for firefox, although i know this will require an substantial amount of recoding.

2006-05-18, 18:16
TeaTimer should also block suspisous dll from installing in the system 32 folder. I tested TeaTimer against Alexa Toolbar and it did not block the dll's installed in system 32.