View Full Version : Minor fix for Diamond Port Explorer 2.1 TCP/IP Layer

2005-11-06, 23:49
Spybot S&D is not reconizing the latest version of Diamond Port Explorer 2.1 TCP/IP Layer.

Can this be fixed please?

2005-11-07, 23:50
Not sure I understand what you are asking, could you give more detail please. :)

2005-11-08, 06:17
Hello tashi,
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
The green check marks beside the type of protocol are verified that they are indeed actual true as read by Spybot S&D, correct?

Is Spybot S&D not recognizing these protocols from Port Explorer true or verified?

Note how they are not marked with the green check marks and are unknown.

I once had TDS-3 installed before it was discontinued and the protocols were all checked green. Does that help?

Thanks for your reply.:)


md usa spybot fan
2005-11-08, 21:40
I donít know if it is a realistic expectation for Spybot to be able to identify every valid Winsock LSP entry.

I have eighteen items in my Winsock LSPs listing and none have green checks. Until you posted this, I didn't even realize Spybot's > Tools > Winsock LSPs facility analyzed the entries rather than just list them.

2005-11-09, 06:50
It sure does and MSAS beta does too. ;)

BTW, MSAS beta has the same problem too. It has been reported also by beta tester. So far they have not changed it.