View Full Version : Spybot freezes during the fix of Win32Agent.pz

2008-04-08, 02:43
Spybot freezes during the fixing of Win32Agent.pz. It will clean all other items but for some reason will not get rid of this. Thanks in advance for your help.


2008-04-08, 05:22
by restarting your computer. hit f8 until u get several options listed on the screen. one will say safe mode, move your up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to select safe mode and hit enter. boot into safe mode, and then scan all your scans and remove anything found. Make sure you have the latest version of spybot.
Also try this:

after scanning please try this: (borrowed from spybot team)

* right click on the results screen within Spybot S&D and deselect all
* expand the tree view of the scan result so the items of a product are visible
* now select a small number of items for instance 10 items and click on fix selected problems
* if this works repeat the last step until all items have been fixed
* if this does not work you may need to decrease the number of items to be fixed at a time

I would also suggest posting in the malware removal forum if none of these works.

When seeking malware assistance: please post in the malware removal forum.
before you post read this:

Here is the link to the malware removal forum: