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2008-04-09, 14:42
Hello, I used RootAlyzer latest version. I used Deep Scan and it found 2 Keys. I want to know if these Keys are Rootkits or Safe Keys.

Here is the Log of that Deep scan:

// info: Rootkit removal help file
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:: RootAlyzer Results
RegyKey:"Hidden registry key","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\MS Code Page-?bersetzer\",""
RegyKey:"Hidden registry key","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\Conversor de p?gina de c?digo MS\",""

Sorry for my english,
ty Liloktw.

2008-04-11, 17:47
The empty key names are a bit confusing, could you please also post what the "Details" column says about these two entries (that's not part of the created logs yet, has been addressed here (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=216))?

2008-04-12, 09:15
The Detail is:
Could not open Key.

2008-04-12, 19:41
Sounds like a registry inconsistence only then. Registry "keys" with a length of zero are a rare but not impossible Windows bug and are indeed not openable as far as I know.

Ignoring keys that cannot be opened in generic is probably not a good idea, but I'll add it to the next RootAlyzer version that this will be ignored in case of the mentioned inconsistency.

2008-04-12, 23:15
Ty very much for help.:)
So I don't have a reason to be worry about these keys right?

2008-04-13, 20:53
Indeed, no need to worry :)