View Full Version : Detection updates 2005-10-21

2005-10-21, 15:10
+ AxFreeAccess
+ CoolWWWSearch.Feat2Installer + CoolWWWSearch.Service + CoolWWWSearch.Feat2DLL + 180Solutions.SearchAssistant
+ Smitfraud-C (2)
+ WareOut

2005-10-22, 02:07
I'm a big fan of SSD. And I wouldn't be posting here if the Net-Integration forum was up.

Anyways I had to do a system restore on my computer (XP pro) after updating 10/21/05. I got the latest includes file from MajorGeeks. The symptoms were that just about every program ran slower. An AV scan took 10 minutes longer. Even a scan with Spybot instead of 3 1/2 minutes took 6 minutes. There's something wrong with the latest update.

Edit: Well I think I found the problem & it's not SSD. Another program I've had for weeks now just started being a resource hog. I just disabled this other program from realtime protection & everything now seems fine.

2005-10-24, 09:56
Glad you found it - and that you found out that the Announcements area wasn't set to announcements only yet ;)