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2008-05-05, 01:25
I just try to examine the entries in your post but the Links are in the following format: "http://%5burl%5dhttp//forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=227%5B/URL%5D"

I think it merges the format with the actual address...

Thanks for a wonderful job as a Spybot team


2008-05-06, 15:23
Where exactly was that? You should've hit "Reply" there instead of creating a new thread, or at least link to it, since I have no idea what place you refer to ;)

Ah, did you mean the locked announcement thread? Ok, replying there indeed is not possible, sorry :D

2008-05-07, 05:00
But as I already see it is fine now, and I just downloaded the new version... Thanks again ;)