View Full Version : runs update loop

2008-05-15, 20:34
If you download RootAlyzer, you got a
> rootalyz.zip
> RootAlyzer.exe Version
This sound about
> There's a new version,, available.\nShows additional information on known entries.\nDo you want to download it?
1. NewLine ist shown as BackSlash"n".
2. No new version, because running version IS new version.
3. "Yes" download a new designed filename:
> rootalyz-
containing same binary as the running one, asking again for update ...

2008-05-16, 12:21
Thanks, partly fixed now, partly in next update :)

New lines have been fixed. The loop was caused when I specified the file version ( not the product version (0.2) on the server. Should've updated the product version, that would've made it clearer. Will have to make sure the next version will have product version 0.2.2 then :)