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2005-11-08, 19:57
P2P (Peer to Peer) programs allow the creation of a network enabling people to connect with other users uploading or downloading material in a fast efficient manner.

Malware writers also find P2P networks a fast and efficient way to distribute their wares and may use methods to circumvent security programs. P2P downloads from untrusted sources cannot be guaranteed to contain the content as described by their name and are the cause of many computer infections.

Even if you are using a P2P program that is deemed safe, it is only the program that may be safe, not the files downloaded.

More than one helper has experienced a user re-infecting their machine via file sharing during a cleanup in progress. :oops:
Because of this if a volunteer is assisting you with the removal of malware it is their choice if they ask for the removal of P2P-Torrent clients during the clean up.

Thank you for understanding. :)

Open source programs are distributed under a license that allows for repackaging and redistribution, thus having the potential to be modified by unscrupulous parties to bundle malware and then passed off as the original application.

Please consider downloading from the program developer's official web site/mirrors.



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