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2005-11-08, 21:28
Have recently managed to get a browser hijacker which redirect me to hxxp://www.myspywarecleaner.com/sc/?hop= ( have not gone to their site - anybody who uses spyware/malware/browser hijackers to "advertise" their stuff' got to be dodgey!) - have run spybot but it doesn't seem to have got rid of it - tried to update spybot unsuccessfully a couple of times but get !!!badchecksum! is it likely that this hijacker could be blocking spybot? - Not sure where it came from - 3 teenagers also use this pc and despite antivirus (AVAST) windows firewall adaware still got this one - most likely with a download of some sort. Any Idea's on how to get rid of it and could it be specifically targetting spybot to prevent me from updating?

Disabled url.

2005-11-09, 07:15
Hello incijalu.
You could start a topic and post a hjt log here:
Someone would take a look and assist you in any cleanup.