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2005-11-10, 22:40
I have the last version of spybot & i use the dap,i use them for a long time, this mornig i scann with the spybot and detect 52 files or entrances. When i delete them , the dap does not work. some suggestion about this problem? Thanx and sorry, I do not speak english. :)
Here a screencapture
http://img456.imageshack.us/img456/1875/spy9fo.th.jpg (http://img456.imageshack.us/my.php?image=spy9fo.jpg)

2005-11-10, 22:50
Hello Gringo.

Please open Spybot>Help>About
Let us know the version and latest detection update.
Cheers. :)

2005-11-10, 23:00
SpyBot Search & destroy 1.4
Date of Update definition 2005-11-04

2005-11-13, 11:36
hey.... yeah the same thing is happening with my Spybot and Download Accelerator Plus. After removing the errors of DAP Spybot finds, it stops working.

please advise....:confused:

2005-11-15, 09:03

Download Accelerator Plus 7.5 has been added to detection in PUPS Category. This means that the overall detection on DAP has been modified. During review we encountered that DAP 7.5 cannot be uninstalled, the user needs to contact speedbit support for uninstallation and can only disable the software. Also it has malicious and/or suspicious advertising partners like funwebproducs, but speedbit denies any responsibility concerning the advertising shown by DAP.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2005-11-15, 09:14
I have Adaware and websweeper and they don't detect Download Accelerator Plus as adaware or whatever....it's only spybot......why's that?:confused: :(

2005-11-15, 21:42
Hi there.
I thought spybotsandra explained it quite well in her post above. ;)

If you do not want Spybot-S&D to check for DAP you can check the box so that it is not included in the scan. :)

Open Spybot>Mode>Advanced>Ignore products.

See if that helps and let us know if it does not.

2005-11-16, 22:55
For detecting DAP
there are spyware/ webbug/ adware free downloaders
DAP will load at startup and spy even when you are not downloading
Dap is not only spyware in and of itself it exercises NO control over it's "partners" or "affiliates"
you can set to ignore but I would find a safer alternative
Sunbelt CounterSpy just re-added detection for DAP
Aluria and Spyware doctor and Pest Patrol used to target but I have not checked recently
Ad-aware used to have a remover but it's MIA along with their forums
Each woud find 40 or so unique entries on an infected machine
Add remove programs just disables- it does not remove
DAP will try and reinstall. It will try and access the internet even if "removed"
do a manual search: try DAP, Speedbit, etc and find all the zipped ad files
you may find megabytes of Dap CRAP which have been "pushed" to your machine
HJT will not find all of the hidden DLL's but it's a start
do they turn your machine into an "ad-server"???
why else all the big downloads?
good luck


2005-11-17, 19:56
I have Adaware and websweeper and they don't detect Download Accelerator Plus as adaware or whatever....it's only spybot......why's that?:confused: :(

Actually, AdAware targeted DAP for a while in 2001 after Urizen agreed that it indeed had data mining privacy breaches in addition to it's advertising scheme. AdAware stopped targeting it after Speedbit intimidation...a common failing in this comercialized industry. As I recall, they also tried to intimidate Patrick as well.

2005-11-19, 00:50
2001- has it been that long?

Anyway Speedbit did try and intimidate everyone
they also sowed FUD by comparing thier paid version which does not use pop-ups with their free version which does.

That's just a smokescreen
Both versions SPY
Read the EULA very carefully they are allowed to do ANYTHING with your data
"Personally identifiable" does not include your e-mail address or url
gimme a break
your e-mail address is not you?

They claim that you downloaded on purpose so are bound by the EULA and are a "customer"
HOwever you cannot get rid of the "free trial" or free version
It came back on me after a reinstall/ repair of windows after having been hidden for months
It will try and contact the internet even if "uninstalled"
check your firewall logs!
It wll prompt your users to "update" or "repair" even when you think it's gone
Yes I know my settings are incorrect- incorrect for DAP


2005-11-24, 00:12
Have there been any incidences after removing DAP Spybot froze and would not work? I have a user who wrote in and inquired saying this is what happened and I found this thread while researching.


2005-11-25, 03:48

Did this freezing continue or was it just a crash?
If this is a person spybot could be choking on the push downloaded ad files
they were zip files but may be encrypted- there may be megabytes
I've had spybot die many times when conflicts with other programs although not as often as with ad-aware
I try and run them with everything else shut down
Now if it spybot will not start at all
Well first I'd try safe mode and post up a hjt
remove and reinstall spybot
spybot will not remove all of dap- nothing will
your reader could try pest patrol, msas or counterspy, spyware doctor, aluria
each will find things the others miss (with some overlap)
I do not know if anybody else targets

Symantec has a write up as does Pest Patrol- print them out and go hunting

He may find hundreds of files and megabytes of files= I have several times
do a search on speedbit, dap, ads, ads1, etc etc and delete
you'll get a feeling what most of their files are called
you will see that they scatter files over many directories and in obtuse places
I still have this "reinstaller" -can't find it
I block with hosts and I think Erick blocks with ie-spyads
DAP will try and access the interent even after running ALL of the above anti-spyware tools- sometimes after months of delay
post back


2005-11-25, 06:38
The user has stated that Spybot freezes after giving the 'Congratulations nothing found' message, and then they get the 'program not responding' dialog box, and they must end program to close.

They have DLed several copies from different mirrors and are still having problems with Spybot.

I am trying to get more info as they are not an experienced user, and its via email as well.

2005-11-25, 17:47
I just noticed there are some added dap detections in the latest update
I'cant recall that crash- been a while
I would not say DAP the most carefully designed app in the world
does this happen with a safe mode scan?
does sound like a resource conflict
what os are we dealing with?
can we shut down other running tasks and see if that helps
if it does then isolate?


2005-11-25, 18:43
I'm beginning to think this is a software conflict and may not be related to DAP. Spybot freezes after a clean scan. Asking for more info.


2005-11-29, 16:38
Keep me posted
DAP also saves all downloads, this can get quite big allso
and why would it need a WEB BUG?

2006-01-10, 22:31
just got DAP without realizing all this stuff with it!

do you guys recommend any other download accelerators? and are there any tools out there to completely remove DAP?


2006-01-11, 03:50
Slightly offtopic, but anyway. http://getright.com/ is what I use, ammar. Haven't used DAP for ages. Never knew it had all that crap in it, but I knew something was wrong with it.