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2008-07-26, 10:57
After reading the about "quarantined files", I got more confused as to their function and if they are to remain although the Spybot itself is deleted(via Add/Delete).

(Please note that the Application Data Folder is hidden. So if you cannot find this folder please check your folder properties. For an instruction, please click here.)

Explanation: this folder contains the backup (the quarantined files) that Spybot-S&D creates. If the Uninstall would remove this folder as well, this would mean that those backups would be gone. We saw it a few times that new users uninstalled Spybot-S&D in panic after they have experienced a small problem, thus removing the backup that would have undone any changes

So this new user has held off on deleting Spybot to make sure I will not inadvertently create myself another headache.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

2008-07-26, 14:04
Spybot puts quarantined files,etc.into the Recovery folder as a backup,in case you ever need to recover them.

If you uninstall Spybot from add/remove programs,the Recovery folder remains and the backups Spybot makes are left in that folder,as well.

2008-07-27, 22:32
I may have had the mistaken impression that these type of files were "bad"/"infected"/ possibly from unknown and/or untrustworthy sources and then to "recover" these back up files would be like opening up a pandora's box. Would you be able to give me some insight or examples of "good" quarantined files, as to not good, and how I distinguish the difference. Your guidance and patience is much appreciated.

2008-07-27, 23:52
In my perspective, there aren't any "good" quarantine file :laugh:. Spybot saves a backup file in the 'Recovery' tab just in case something goes wrong after the fixing of the entry. In some times, the Recovery tab can be a lifesaver (one thread about how removing the false positive 'HellzlittleSpy'). There has been times when Spybot removed the infected file, which was important to one program, then resulting the program not to boot at all. Therefore, [if successful] Spybot creates a harmless "dummy" of the file.

This link should give a bit more insight of the Recovery feature:

2008-07-28, 03:28
Yup,and also most things Spybot puts into quarantine are spyware/malware.It also backs up most tracks.It does not backup tracking cookies.
The files Spybot puts into recovery are of no harm,so long as they stay in the recovery folder.Spybot leaves them in there,zipped up.You would not want to Recover selected items from the Recovery section if it was removed malware.You'd only want to Recover selected items from the recovery section,for example,if Spybot found a false positive,which was mistakenly allowed to be fixed.

If Spybot is uninstalled,what it removed stays safely in the recovery folder.That way,if something was removed mistakenly,it can be recovered.Some newer folks mistakenly think uninstalling Spybot will undo whatever problem happened with what Spybot removed,which is not the case.

Items put into Spybot recovery while Spybot is installed can be purged from recovery by checkmarking them and pushing the 'Purge selected items' button.Usually,it's a good idea to hold onto them in Recovery for a time,in the event of a false positive,etc.(which happens more rarely lately,but does happen occasionally).Then,if you run your computer for a time,and everything is okay,you could purge some of the Recovered Items,if you wish.The way I do it is hold onto them for about a week or two,then purge if all is okay.

2008-07-31, 07:43
Considering myself as a humble candidate for geek-in-training, your help and patience has been quite appreciated. Thank you folks, very much.

2008-07-31, 20:36
You're welcome from me,and I'm willing to bet drragostea says you're welcome,too. :)

2008-07-31, 22:24
Yep, Zenobia filled the spot. Sorry guys, I had a meeting. Just joking.

You're welcome. If there are any further questions, Zenobia+drragostea+other helper members+forum, will be there for you.