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2006-03-24, 02:30
If I want to run SpyBot from a USB drive to ONLY scan backup and delete what files are not necessary for these operations? I wouldn't want to use things like teatimer for the short time I am using the computer.

Off the top of my head I would think that teatimer.exe, blindman.exe, the uninstall files and the extra languages can ll be removed. Anybody have any other files that aren't necessary? Thanks for the help

2006-03-24, 12:27

You can only scan with an USB drive if you have Spybot Search and Destroy installed on it.

The TeaTimer.exe and the languages files can be deleted if you do not want to use them.

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md usa spybot fan
2006-03-24, 16:07
blindman.exe should not be deleted. See:
What is blindman.exe for?

2006-03-24, 16:09
Thanks for the reply. What I have done is copy all the install files from my hard drive to my USB drive. The programs seems to run fine from there. I am interested in what files can be removed to cut the size down and still allow me to run the scaning engine.

This is what I have removed so far:

All non-English license, help, and language files - This doesn't save much space, but it's better than nothing.

All files in the Updates folder except 'downloaded.ini' - It appears that Spybot retains the zipped update files even after applying those updates.


SDHelper.dll - Used by Resident SDHelper (aka Resident IE), as part of a permanent installation of Spybot.

Blindman.exe - Used by permanent installations of Spybot to speed up the boot process when startups are disabled by Spybot.

Startup.tnfo - Provides additional info on startup programs. (you can also find it at sysinfo.org).

Remove .sbe files and since when your'e changing computers the files don't stay the same they are useless

English.resident.chm as this appears to be related with Tea Timer

Remove all skins

Anything else? Is there a list of the specific uses for each file anywhere?

2006-03-24, 21:01
In the main folder keep:

SpybotSD.exe (Keep Blindman.exe if you want System Startup control in Tools)
All DLL files except Zipdll.dll and Unzdll.dll (for updating only, may complain at startup)

Note: Tools.dll and aports.dll only required if you want the Tools Menu to work
Default configuration.ini (Set your startup preferences, first use on a PC only)
messages.zres (Not sure this is needed, test without)

All that should be required in other folders is the English language .SBL file, the SBI and possibly SBS (I forget the purpose of these, so test) in Includes.

This is undocumented and unsupported, but was meant to work. You're already close to this, but the supported method is to include all files on either a CD or USB flash in your case.

2006-03-25, 02:57

Thanks for the help. I realize this isn't the "supported" way but I don't have much room to spare on the drive. Thanks again.