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2005-11-12, 02:21
On a somewhat slighty off topic subject, where does one find the specific numbers which indicate what Spybot detects, fingerprints, rules & products?

Thank you.

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2005-11-25, 18:45
Bump? :rolleyes:

2005-11-25, 20:17
Hello TeMerc.

Updates, history:

Of course one can open up Spybot>Mode>Advanced>Settings>Ignore products to see what Spybot detects.

I will ask Team about the specific fingerprints in the rules for products.

2005-11-25, 20:26
Thanks for that link, which I was well aware of. I should explain the numbers I'm looking for would be as found in this update:

Total: 262873 fingerprints in 28878 rules for 1672 products.
I was curious if this is found within the app, or was provided by whoever adds the detailed info to the update page, and not provided all the time.

Thanks again, sorry for any misunderstanding.

2005-11-25, 20:43
Yes we use to supply the information at the bottom of the updates when they were posted.

That is what I am querying team about. :)