View Full Version : USB Problem (poss connected to Spybot Teatimer)

2005-11-12, 13:00
Hi there

I hope this is the right forum for posting this problem, its difficult trying to find the appropriate site for sussing how to resolve usb driver problems.

I recently purchased this Samsung Flash Memory stick (512 mb) - no drivers included (I purchased it knowing that there were no drivers coming with it as I already had a driver installed for a memory stick which I already have (128mb). Anyway stuck onto the usb cable yesterday, my computer (very old 8 years Win 98SE) recognised new hardware I made the most appropriate choice from the dialogue box generated in terms of searching for the appropriate driver but nothing seem to happen, however certain registry changes took place which I allowed, and my computer subsequently will not recognise this 512 mb flash drive. My thinking tells me that I should undo these registry changes and start again. Can any advise me on this subject. And advise me on how undo registry changes, I've tried to suss it out myself but to no avail.

(I tried the flash drive on a high spec computer in my workplace and it worked fine so just not sure what the problem is.)

Look forward to your help.