View Full Version : Teatimer.exe fails to close properly

2008-09-14, 14:12
Just recently teatimer.exe has failed to close properly when Windows shuts down. Everytime I have to end the program to allow Windows to shut down. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and more importantly what I might be able to do to stop it happening.


Bob Paterson

2008-09-14, 18:24
Same here, on four different Windows XP machines on my home network. I am still running Spybot 1.5.2

Steven C
2008-09-14, 20:19
I was having the same issue before. I found out that if you ran the latest TeaTimer update and still on 1.5.2 then thats what caused it. The new TeaTimer update only works for 1.6.0 (and IMO TeaTimer on 1.6.0 sucks because its a HUGE resource hog)

I tried uninstalling 1.6.0 and reinstalling 1.5.2 and TeaTimer was still acting up.I had to system restore back to an earlier date before updating the newest TeaTimer update to get back to normal.