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2008-09-28, 18:21
I had Spybot installed on my computer on Friday. Since then, I have not been able to go to some sites that require me to sign in (Yahoo!, Facebook, iTunes, etc.). This problem happens on AOL/IE and Firefox. I have tried to fix it with the instructions listed on the support page, but it is still not helping.

2008-09-29, 16:00

Please open the Tools menu in your Internet Explorer and choose 'Spybot - Search Destroy Configuration'.
There you will find a drop down menu where you should select "Ask for blocking confirmation".
http://www.safer-networking.org/en/spybotsd15/index.html (3rd picture)
If you want to visit a blocked website choose "Allow". Hope this solves the problem.
If this doesn't work please run Spybot-S&D and select "Spybot-S&D" --> "Immunize" in the navigation bar on the left. Please hit "Undo".
Then run Spybot - Search & Destroy and switch to the Advanced mode via the menu item Mode.
Now select 'Tools' - 'Resident' from the navigation bar on the left.
Please untick the checkbox in front of the 'SdHelper'.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2008-09-29, 23:49
Thank you, but the SpyBot option is no longer there. I know it was over the weekend when I was trying to fix it, but it seems to have disappeared.