View Full Version : Automatic Sypbot Scan on Windows Start

2008-10-07, 02:04
Hope you can help me out.
Whenever I switch on my computer, Spybot starts a scan . If I do not cancel the scan, it needs over an hour to finish the scan (nearly 300,000 files):oops:.
Deinstalling Spybot results in a message being displaced that SpybotSD.Exe is not present and that I should use the search function to check for it.


md usa spybot fan
2008-10-07, 07:34

Run the System Configuration Utility and disable the startup item SpybotSnD.
Click Start, select Run
In the Open box, type "msconfig" (no quotes).
Click OK.
In the System Configuration Utility GUI select the Startup tab.
Locate the following Startup Item and disable it: