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2005-11-14, 01:13
I keep getting a "bad checksum" error message when attempting to download the updated detection rules (I think the update is dated Aug-2005).
Should I just wait and re-try? or does something need to be fixed on the site?
Thank you,

11/14/2005 7:22:45 AM downloaded update Detection rules
11/14/2005 7:22:45 AM - URL: http://www.see-cure.de/updates/files/includes.zip
11/14/2005 7:22:45 AM - Local file: C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Updates\includes.zip
11/14/2005 7:22:45 AM - FILE REJECTED because of bad checksum

2005-11-14, 01:29
I have had the same problem but it has been resolved by waiting a day and then repeating the update instruction, I don't understand the technicalities.

2005-11-14, 01:56
The first listed update server, See-Cure #1 is almost always overloaded:

This is partly due to the fact that Spybot 1.3 will always use this server by default, so upgrade to Spybot 1.4 to solve that problem.

Here's how to select a different server if you haven't figured that out (use pull-down server menu at step 4):

2005-11-14, 14:10
Okay Bitman.
Thanks much for the guidance!

2005-11-14, 15:18
Not sure if this is any HELP or not but if you choose a link that is farther down the list, no matter where it is, close to you or farther away makes no difference. Because these are always busy there will be times when you cannot get any where. If I get that error message, wait a short maybe an hour or two or maybe the next day to do the update.

Being on a dialup mine is rather slow and even on an old teley line is even more of a problem. I am giving away some of my SECRETS for success so we all may have more of a problem later down the road. Using the links from Europe are best later in the day time for USofA areas, like about 4p CST on to later, when they, Europeans are asleep or finished with their downloads. Earlier for links that are in the USofA and again using the ones that are more towards the bottom of the list because most people click on the FIRST ones.

Doing that has given me more success, GOOD Luck,

2005-11-15, 06:35
LoneLurker: Unfortunately the reasons are a bit more complex, though you're on the right track in some areas.

The first server on the list, See-Cure #1, is automatically picked by default by Spybot S&D 1.3, which along with an additional bandwidth limiting issue causes it to be constantly and hopelessly overloaded. I have gotten it to work from the USA on occasion, but only barely. In other words, pick anything but this server for any reasonable response.

See-Cure #2 isn't as badly overloaded, but as you said, the tendancy is to pick something near the top of the list, so don't.

The next two Safer-Networking servers are also in Europe, so it generally makes more sense to use something closer in the USA, though these servers do have some of the most stable response we've seen.

The two SecurityWonks servers are sitting just off the SBC NAP in Chicago, but tend to become overloaded giving sluggish response, possibly due to bandwidth limits at the hosting site itself. Not really sure about this since I don't have access to the server statistics myself.

The BN FileForum (World) 'server' is really several servers in strategic locations all over the world, with four in the USA alone. Due to their architecture, it's difficult to predict or even test how well they will perform for a specific user, but in general they are better connected and have more bandwidth available then any of the other individual servers. On the whole I'd expect this selection to work well in the USA and also in well peered locations in Northern Europe and Japan.

Other locations in Europe are generally better peered with the other European servers and those in much of Asia tend to be peered better with the US west coast then Japan, which seems rather strange. In any case, this depends on your particular ISP, so it's difficult to generalize with any dependability.

Dial-up just makes everything slower and distorts things a bit, since you may enter a dial-up modem locally, but be carried halfway accross the nation before being connected to other ISPs. I've seen dial-ups on the east coast go to Chicago before peering to other ISPs, when there's a major peering point in Virginia used by most Teir1 carriers.

There are many factors that affect the response of a specific server from a particular location, so what works for you may not work well down the street or even next door using a different ISP. Everyone needs to try different servers themselves to see what works best, but generally staying on the same continent is best.

2005-11-15, 13:52
I thought mine was a bit long, you have more info available to you and now we all have it available.

Thanks BITMAN for this, as you can see I am not very informed just passing on my experiences.

Again, Thank You very much.