View Full Version : RootAlyzer Bugs

2008-10-27, 23:05

Found a couple of creepy-crawlies:

1. After the 'About RootAlyzer' screen, and the program performs a quick scan - I am met with alot of transparency. The program responds fine - To get rid of the transparency, I just shake the window around :spider:

2. On the 'Deep Scan' tab the user is met with a pop-up allowing selection of drives ect. If the user then clicks 'Cancel' then goes back to the 'Deep Scan' tab (presumably to scan :p:), no pop-up is triggered.

The pop-up is then triggered if the user right clicks on the results area and selects 'refresh' - imo this is not clear enough (maybe a button?)

Also to do another quick scan, the user again has to right click and select 'refresh'.

honda :)