View Full Version : False Positive: NSIS Installer as "AdwarePunisher"

Guillermo Gabrielli
2006-04-13, 01:59
Making some experiments with the 7-zip 4.37 (NSIS) installer I get an false positive: The installer is mis-identified by Spybot SD as a part of AdwarePunisher (see fpos.png).

I compiled the installer with NSIS 2.16 with compression disabled.
The following zip (1281KB) contains the installer, the script that I used and a par2 file which allows to obtain the files from the installer (For Quickpar: Open the par2 file and drag the installer to the windows.)

Note1: Using version 1.4 Spanish. Last detection update: 2006-04-07

Note2: I'm not related to the 7-zip development team

Note3: The installer that can be downloaded from the 7-zip project uses LZMA compression. It isn't affected by this false positive.

Note4: Sorry for my poor english.

2006-04-13, 11:54
Hello Guillermo,

thanks for reporting. We have fixed this false positive. The fixed detection file will be available tomorrow.:bigthumb:

Guillermo Gabrielli
2006-04-15, 05:35
I repeated the experiments with the 2006-04-14 update and 7-zip 4.37, 4.38 and 4.39. The problem is fixed! :)