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2005-10-23, 00:30
I get this popup box telling me something is trying to change a registry value but the box is cut off at the bottom. I can't read what the problem is or what the choices are that it offers so I really cannot respond to it.

I can't make the box bigger so I can see the cut off part. I can stretch it wider but not longer. See the word document I attached. It contains an image of the box. What you see is all I get.

I can't get rid of it, I can't respond to it. I have to disable Spybot through the task manager before I can do anything. Every time I try to close that little box it pops back up. Nothing within the browser works. I have Firefox 1.0.6 and Windows XP home.

I would appreciate any suggestions. All I can do now is keep Spybot disabled and so I may as well uninstall it if I can't make this popup window go away.


2005-10-23, 00:41
You might read down to a post by snelmack and the response from spybotsandra which should solve your problem.

md usa spybot fan
2005-10-23, 06:30
There is currently a bug in TeaTimer 1.4. Portions of TeaTimer's pup-up dialog overlay the "Allow change" and "Deny change" buttons. On my system the very top edges of the "Allow change" and "Deny change" buttons are showing and I am still able to select the options. I also can check "Remember this decision" since it is visible. If no portion of the "Allow change" and "Deny change" buttons are showing you can answer TeaTimer's popup dialog (English language version) by pressing "A" on your keyboard for "Allow change" or "D" for "Deny change". If you can't deal with the problem until it is fixed, you can disable TeaTimer as follows:
Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced Mode > Tools > Resident.
Uncheck the following:Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) Active.

2005-10-25, 02:04
I think the Teatimer utility does a great job and the 1.4 version has some welcome new features - but.... Why is it taking over 4 months to fix a such a small bug in the display routine - the actual code of the utility seems to work fine - we just need the bug in the interface fixed so we can see the buttons. I want to recommend all my clients use Spybot but most then are just not up to coping with the problem with the Teatimer interface.

You can steal the version from 1.3 and use that but it has far fewer features - so please can something be done to fix this soon?

2005-10-25, 06:22
We have been able to locate and fix the issue.

This fix should be downloadable when the next program build is released.

Regards, tashi. :)