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2005-11-14, 23:25
Check out this skin I designed for Spybot S&D.
It's totally free.;)

To make this skin available in your Spybot S&D program,:confused: download the attachment and unzip/extract files to the 'Skins' folder in the folder where your Spybot is installed.

The TDA.ini (520 bytes) file applies the skin and the TDA.jpg (12.9 Kb) is the optional logo. If you dont want the logo :rolleyes: then delete TDA.jpg after extracting. (the standard spybot logo will then apply automatically)

The logo is hyperlinked to www.theduelarena.biz.ly :D


I would appreciate your reviews.:eek:

2005-11-17, 06:40
It's been 3 days since I posted the skin and there've already been 40 views. Wow! I hope I get reviews soon.

Gute Nacht

2007-08-13, 19:20
I hate to bump an old topic, but i am not finding many skin posts. Most skin zips consist of 50-60 kb, yours is short, and does not open. Re-zip the two files in store only mode, and re-submit, would like to see what you have done. DMHolt57