View Full Version : Dismiss "Fixed NN" Popup in Command Line?

2005-11-15, 17:35
Hi Group,

I'm a new "registree", but have used this excellant product for a few years.

I'm running S&D on my families machines via scripted Cline, with this text string:

Runwait("C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe /autoupdate /autocheck /autofix /autoclose")

...all on one line of course...

This works just fine (it's in AutoIt3) except for the popup window at the end of the process when it finds & fixes.

Before I script something to respond to that window, is there a command line S&D param to (more elegantly) respond or supress that window?

I generally like to handle these popups with the "native" Cline rather than a more brutish scripting solution.



md usa spybot fan
2005-11-15, 18:06
Try adding the /taskbarhide parameter.

Are there any command line parameters?

Runs Spybot-S&D completely hidden (no window, no taskbar icon), so make absolutely sure you use it only in combination with /autoclose (otherwise it would remain in memory sitting idle). Useful only in combination with /autocheck, /autoupdate or /autoimmunize, as it cannot be controlled when completely invisible.

2005-11-17, 19:55
Thanks, but I think I'll try another method...I really don't want this hidden...just gone at the end. I'm using AutoIt3 to run the process, and will just start with a run instead of runwait, and then create a loop to look for either the program ending, or the subject "found stuff" box...not as clean, but certainly more controlable.