View Full Version : log utility for spyware diagnostics

2006-04-21, 02:10
Is their anyway that you could build an utility within spybot for use to carry out fault diagnostics... This is due to the fact that when ever their is an problem.. you have to install hijack this or simmular....

I would have thought that spybot would include some diagnostic utilitys?

That way fault reporting and problem spyware could be diagnosed quicker.

It might be usefull if it could:

Automaticly detcect what definitions you are using and when you last ran an scan, and the definitions used.

This would possibly allow for faster diagnostics etc.... as you would know at the point of providing the log that the user had the uptodate definitions, ms updates etc... and that they had also tried some other third party anitspyware tools etc...

2006-05-14, 03:49
{This could be included as an update of the presantly unused reporting tool in the advanced menu ;)}

2006-05-14, 05:10
Have you seen tools > view report, if taken after checking for and fixing problems it includes more information.
Also check out Runalizer