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2005-11-16, 15:22
Hi, I've been trying to update my Spybot program and seem to always get an error message bad checksum!!! What is going on with this? Is there a problem with the downloaded data?
The Shark

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-16, 15:39
Please see:
Bad Checksum For Updated Detection Rules Download

2005-11-16, 19:58
I am having the same problem. It began a few weeks ago and was intermittent. It has gradually worsened and now I cannot download any updates at all, no matter what time of day, etc., etc. Nothing works. I have been using spybot for several years now and I like it a lot. But if I can't get updates, it will gradually become useless.

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-16, 20:44

Try switching to and downloading from BN FileForum (World).

As an alternative you could try to download and execute the manual updates from here:
Downloads The home of Spybot-S&D!
The item (currently) is:
Detection updates 2005-11-11 - product description
md5: E4AB410287F9B856B64AE19AE5F7B427

This updates the detection rules. Only needed if you do not want to use the update function integrated into Spybot-S&D.

The direct download link (usually remains the same for all updates) is:

2005-11-17, 00:46
How do I direct SpyBot to download from a different site? I've taken a quick stroll through the menus and forgive me, but it's not obvious to me.

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-17, 06:14
Step 4 in the following:http://www.spybot.info/en/howto/update.html