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2005-10-23, 08:30
Hi- not sure where to put this post, sorry for that.
Ive been using Spy-B for 2 years now with windows xp pro sp2- Pest Pastrol 4.4 corp pro- free Zone Alarm Avast Pro 4.6- Tuneup Utilities 2004.

Everything other than windows is set to auto update-i run and use [scan], Spy-B, Pest P. and Tuneup atleast 2x everyday- I know to turn off host file lock in ZA to add host files in spy-b. i dont use tea time- I do use immunity, sometimes if gaming i turn it off. I do not have Spy-b. to load on system start. my other security always loads on start up.

I moved a month or so ago my system was down for over a month-i had DSL connection befor it took them a month to tell me i was to far away to get it here, so i have Cable connection now on a speadstream 4port router with the fire wall on- my service was turned on mon 10-17-05 I did updates on everything that day-windows all of it, done Spy-B last and host files, I have ran scans all week- when S-B updates I go to tools click add host files. I did not will not update ZA it has a few bad reviews. Last night and today updated my Nero ultra and my ATI vid card with control center. I turn off windows security stuff it sucks anyway.

Today fri 10-22-05 I ran pest p it found a hijacker csw cool search maybe - I cant remember- but it was nothing from Spy-b. I ran spybot it updated so i went to tools add host files- the page was blank. It would not add, gave this message>

Connot create file "C:\Program Files\Spybot-Search_Destroy\%System Root%\System32\drivers\etc.\hosts", The system cannot find the path specified

I deleted reinstaled S-B it stil dose the same thing. Run the scan it just shows my warnings off of firewall etc-like the last 6 months- i turned the warnings off they are a pain in the butt-- What can i do- i need to keep my system protected from stupid hackers- gay porn and all the junk.

Please: can any 1 help me with this- Its always something with windows- 1 update or hack away from a dead system, all my money and time lost. I built this system. I really hate it [ windows junk]- I see no way to contact Spybot- i might just delete this program for that reason use ad aware se...I always liked this program-was said best to use with all others... now im scared to death to have my computer on...

Thank you.. eht

System-ABIT AI7 bios18
P4 2.8c directx 9c- XP pro SP2 with frameworks-
Antec wf160-OCZ 520w modstream-ViewSonic p95f+b-
OCZ el rev.2 plats pc3200 2x512mb-Thermalright
xp120- Swiftech mcx159r-ATI 9800pro 256mb 256bit-
AC ati1 rev2-Logitech 5300e 5:1- Audigy2 zs pro plat
-2x Seagate st3200822as 200g satas 1 OS raid 0 on
chip-IDE1 Aopen cdrw combo dvd rom- IDE2 NEC nu2500a
-Alps floppy-3x Silverstone sst-fmc3xw 120mm fans-
Break outs-Lexmark x6170 all in 1- 2x Thermaltake
silver river extn.usb opt/ide enclosers-2x
Seagate st3200822a 200g-WD800 80g-Audigy2 zs pro
breakout-Plextor px tv402u- Sony vcr

md usa spybot fan
2005-10-23, 17:11
Do you actually have a host file on your system?

The HOSTS file is located here:
If you do not have one, copy:
Then try to add the Spybot Hosts file again.

2005-10-24, 02:07
yes thank you i found the folder you speak of-the host files are there, and text called outputfile with many web addys etc.Im showing about 70 host 2004 or 2005 they look like system files, mouse over says back up etc. and 6 other files 1 being the outputfile, but i dont know how to get spybot to take it--can i add it to the program manualy- if so-do i just put it in main folder-or what sub folder-might i need to add and name a folder-

it was always there befor i never had this prob--maybe my new windows updates booted it--its odd- I do like this program-i hope no trojan has attact it-i cant explain how this happend- ive ran many scans with pest patrol-ran my avast anti virus like always deep scan and arcive files included- i checked logs on pest p and my tune up utilities to see if they could have booted it-it dont seem to be so.

Thanks for your help- if you can tell me how to manualy add them to the program-- if i go to tools 2click hostfiles it open to blank screen-i click add hostfiles, the message comes up from 1st post- i click it off--the pointer shows the hourglass like its trying to do something--i just close the program after waiting abit-

um not sure if they are related but my vlc player dont seem to want to open either- it gives me the program had a prob needs to close message- seems both these probs came up at the same time--maybe that hijacker i deleted was very nasty- as best i can tell everything eles seems to work fine-

2005-10-29, 14:24
so i guess spy bot has know1 i can talk to to fix this prob- other than the forums of well intended folks