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2006-05-01, 22:13
It beats me how I got this particular spyware but after running spybot, it still didn't clear up the problem.

The program pops up a little icon in the icon notification area to the bottom left-hand side of the windows bar. It flashes a green wheelchair symbol and says "virus alert." Every once and a while it will pop up a red box saying that there is a "critical system error" and that you should click on the box to get software to take it off. When you click on the box, it takes you to spyfalcon.com where the site offers spyware removal software. The irony in it is kinda funny but it's nonetheless annoying.

Additionally, it messes with Internet Explorer. Despite my homepage settings, it takes me to wxx.theguardservices.com and tells me about all the bad things happening to my computer...needless to say, it's links lead right to spyfalcon.com, again!

I don't know how to resolve this issue...I'm sure it's simple.

md usa spybot fan
2006-05-01, 22:38
Please see the following post:
Smitfraud:SpyAxe, SpywareFalcon, and other desktop type hijacks
After reading and following the instructions there, you will be posting in the following forum to have a malware removal volunteer help you with your problem:
Malware Removal
Best of luck!!!

2006-05-01, 22:47
cheers...thanks a lot!

md usa spybot fan
2006-05-01, 23:14
Don't thank me yet. Wait until you get rid of the damned thing and then thank the people who assist you!!!