View Full Version : Immunising

Jim B
2006-05-03, 15:19
I am running a standalone computer on windows xp. It proves a big pain trying to administer it. Spybot has got a good immunisation system, however , every single user on the computer has to immunise separatly. Which means that normally only the most profishent users (such as myself) immunise to take advantage of the new database.

What I am getting at is that Spybot should filter the settings down the users. So that only one user needs to immunise and all the computer users are protected from new threats, without having to go into every user name to do it seperatly.

2006-05-03, 19:57
Personally, I would much rather see the programmers spend their time on detection rules. I would rather be safer than have a time saving feature.

Jim B
2006-05-03, 22:40
The whole idea of new software is advance and move foward. Yes the whole idea of spybot is to protect, which it already does very well. But surely this software can only protect to its full ability when all the users are protected. Spybot 1.5 should be a step foward, providing users like ourselves with a new level of convience, protection and satisfaction. There are many factors that make up a good of software app!!!