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2008-12-23, 17:26
Hey there. I read the Q & A within Spybot and it gave me the immediate fix of how to run Spybot as Administrator.

I'd like to see it coded as a setting, maybe in Advanced mode, where one could select whether or not to always run the application as Administrator.

I read this thread (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=41401) and I get what it's saying, I'm after it being hardwired in.

Ta :)

2008-12-24, 01:19
Spybot-Search&Destroy 2.0 (coming soon, and still in testing) will include that feature. If Spybot prompts you that you need Administrator rights to do a specific task, you can always right-click the default Spybot desktop icon in Windows Vista and click "Run as Admin...".

2008-12-24, 11:07
"Run as Admin...".

I know :P

Sometimes I forget!

Is there a version 2 beta available?

2008-12-24, 20:19
Not at the moment, it is still in testing. However, v. is a RC for Spybot-SD 1.6.1. A beta for v.2.0 could be released probably next year or so.