View Full Version : How to remove Spybot icon from the system tray?

2006-05-10, 07:05
I would like to permanently remove the Spybot icon in my system tray (I am short of room down there). I do not really see why I need a Spybot icon in the systray as well as on the desktop.

Could someone please advise how to do this?

My OS is Windows 98se.

md usa spybot fan
2006-05-10, 07:27
The system tray icon is associated with TeaTimer. The only way to get rid of it is to disable TeaTimer.

Running XP? If so, right click on Start and then select Properties. In the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window, click on the "Taskbar" tab then check "Hide inactive icons" near the bottom of the window. That will hide the icon if it has not been used and the taskbar is full.

2006-05-10, 22:20
Thank you for your informative advice Spybot Fan. Unfortunately I am running Windows 98se.