View Full Version : False Positive? wmiapsvr?

2006-05-15, 02:42
First post over this great forum..sorry if incorrect!:blush:
this night I get before beginning the scan with spybot:
Spybot-S&D has detected a system service that has been identified as a threat:
display name: Scheda WMI performance
registry key: wmiapsvr
It has been shut down. You can check its status on the System Services Control Panel.

(repeated for 9 times:spider: )
it tell me also:

Adware.ZioCom.B: Servizio di sistema (Chiave di registro, nothing done)

what to do?it seems a regular windows system service! let me to know!

goodnight!!:D dany

2006-05-15, 09:25
Hello dany,

please send the wmiapsrv.exe located in c:\windows\system32\wbem to detections(at)spybot.info for further analysis. We would like to get this false positive fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!

2006-05-16, 11:10
whenever i let wmiapsvr run
my computer seems to crash about 5 minutes later, everything freezes. and i have to turn computer off manually.. and if i end this process along with wdfmgr my computer seems to be fine, i have spyware S&D and i updated it, and i scaned, it found nothing wrong. I have Kaspersky updated, and it found nothing. I'm wondering if i really have a problem or not.. plz help.. =X

2006-05-16, 16:51
Hello Dany,

it is a regular windows system file. We will fix the detection for this file in the next update, scheduled for the end of this week.