View Full Version : SpybotSd.exe - Entery point Not Found

2006-05-18, 03:39
when i start SpybotSD.exe i get thsi error message
i unistall the softeare and restart and then installl again bit did not fix the problem

The Procedure entry point I-RpcExceprtionfilter could not be located in the dynamic link library RPCRT4.dll

md usa spybot fan
2006-05-18, 08:22

RPCRT4.dll (Remote Procedure Call Runtime) is a Windows module. My RPCRT4.dll (XP Home) does not appear to have and entry point of:

However it does have an entry point of:
"I_RpcExceptionFilter" (underscore vs. dash and no "r" between the "p" and the "t").

If the error message that you are getting is actually for the "I_RpcExceptionFilter" entry point, then I would suspect that you possibly have a damaged RPCRT4.dll.