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2006-05-18, 19:33
Hi there

I have some requests.. I just tried SpySweeper scan version. It detected some objects of PurityScan, Gator and Safesearch that Spybot didn't find. No problems, I could remove them manually in registry editor but I just wanted to suggest something :)

Anyway thanks a lot for a great program. Spybot S & D has helped me a lot. Last autumn I was wondering why my computer is running so awfully slow.. Then I remembered somebody mentioned SB. It found a mountain of spyware because I had used IE.. :( Well now my browser has Firefox and thanks to it and SB, no problems anymore!

2006-05-19, 07:04
Hello and thank you. :)

Did you actually find PurityScan and Gator when using registry editor, Spybot-S&D does target. :scratch:

If you had files from Safesearch I would have asked for them to be submitted.

FireFox is a nice browser, but along with its popularity it also suffers from exploits.
Make sure you are keeping your Windows Operating System up to date.

Have you updated Windows? Security Programs? Links and Tips. (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=425)
Nice program suggestions.
So how did I get infected in the first place? By Tony Klein (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=279 )


2006-05-19, 11:52

I was able to remove Gator because it was detected by ewido anti-malware. PurityScan objects were detected by Spysweeper scan version.. And because it was just a scan version, I had to remove the objects manually by using registry editor. At the moment I have ewido and Spysweeper removed because I think its not very good to have so many spyware removers in the same time..

By the way, ewido also detected a couple of Cydoor objects that Spybot SD didn't find yet. But like I said, thanks anyway for Spybot :)

EDIT Yes, my Windows is up to date! Even if I have the automatic update option switched on, I use to check for new updates "manually" going to the site pretty often!

2006-05-19, 20:16
Ok thanks. :)

2006-07-15, 09:49
Thanks a lot for new Gator detections! Its nice to hear we are listened to!

I have just one weird problem. Ewido still detects Gator but from the folder or my virus program at C:\Program files ! Its powered by F-Secure. If I delete Gator from there, there will be a der X appeared on the F-Secure logo in the lower right corner on the screen. When I take the arrow on the logo, there will be a word "MALFUNCTION" appeared. If I understand right, Ewido thinks its spyware but seems not to be. Do you think Ewido is not compatible with my virus protection software? After that I have not used Ewido anymore and I have had no problems.

2006-07-15, 21:15
Go here and mention the (apparent) False positive
Perhaps they will exclude that paticular item

2006-07-17, 15:49
Thanks! I'll do that :)