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Said Bakr
2005-11-18, 20:14
I have to translate the Arabic section of www.spybot.info (http://www.spybot.info) . The web translation application has a serious bug related to Arabic translation. Any translation text that being translated online and have any Latin character will make the application to return an error message like this "Invalid Token, expected ; on line 1 Character 14". The problem is really serious, it prevent me to translate any text related with any HTML tags or mixed with English words. I need a quick solution

Said Bakr
2005-11-19, 00:38
I may cached the bug. I noticed that when the translated text contains the special character & The invalid token error is generated. Beside this it seems to be the application checks the XHTML compliance of the input string so when the translated source contains, for example, <img> tag, the application will ask you to close it i.e to make <img />. I hope the translation's application author cover this situation

2005-11-19, 02:57
You can use languages AT spybot.info as the appropriate e-mail address when translation matters are involved.
Cheers. :)

2005-11-22, 12:28

of course we will manage this :), I wouldnŽt even call it a "problem" :D
tx Tashi
Said- IŽll write you