View Full Version : Worrying Root Analyzer results

2009-02-12, 15:28
Recently got infected with the virtumonde, system guard malware and tinybar.c. With spybot and a quick change in the auto runs and I was able to remove everything but tinybar.c, so I tried RA to try and bring the hidden stuff to the surface for spybot to work with. However, what I got was this long list of regfiles with just symbols in them and when I included this list in spybot it detected 582 entires that needed to be fixed. So needless to say, I am heeding the warning of RA to not use the list blindly and so I am posting it here in hopes that I can get some help so I don't ruin my computer.

The log is posted as a zip because it was too big to post as a txt file.

2009-02-13, 10:26

I'm not sure about the "No admin in ACL" entries, they could be part of something "regular", but the "Invisible to Win32" do look like something I've seen before, and the random names can't be good - I would definitively fix those!

2009-02-13, 14:34
Would it be regular if when I did the scan I wasn't logged in as an admin?