View Full Version : Italics in BHO list

2005-11-19, 18:50
Does the presence of an entry on the BHO list indicate that Spybot is attempting to block the BHO?

On the Tools tab, under BHO, some entires are listed in italics. Anyone know what the italics signify? The Help feature doesn't explain the significance of the italics. [I do notice that clicking the Toggle button switches italics on and off. Maybe the italics means Spybot won't try to block that item...] :confused:

Also on the same screen, in the information panel it says "Black entries are not listed in our database." Since all the entries are black, this too is a mystery to me. :confused:

FYI, one item I see in italics also has a green checkmark next to it, and shows the following information:

Longname: __BHODemonDisabled

Description: Norton Antivirus
Classification: Legitimate
Known filename: NavShExt.dll
Info link: http://www.symantec.com/nav/nav_9xnt/
Info source: Tony Klein