View Full Version : Casale Media [Firefox tracking cookies]

2006-05-28, 13:21
Spybot has recently detected 3 on my system:

Firefox (emma): .casalemedia.com/ (CMID)
Firefox (emma): .casalemedia.com/ (CMX1)
Firefox (emma): .casalemedia.com/ (CMS)

But even after I remove them, they keep coming back. Other Firefox tracking cookies that have been discovered have been removed, but these haven't been. Just thought I'd post about them so you could possibly add them to your detection lists in the future...

2006-05-28, 15:45
Hmm. Since you Spybto detected them and you can't delete them through firefox, try deleting them through explorer.

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER\Cookies and delete everything EXCEPT for index.dat

Do this ecause spybot detects cookies from firefox and IE. And I'm pretty sure firefox doesn't delete IE's cookies. Hope that helps.

~Ron :)

2006-05-28, 19:54

Please see one of the topics regarding FireFox cookies:

A few suggestions for next build (possibly 1.5)

Hope that helps. :)

2006-05-30, 18:40
Thanks for that :) I'd already got the 3rd party cookies blocked in Firefox but the CasaleMedia ones still appeared on Spybot, so I done what Zenobia said and tried blocking them by exceptions. I dunno if it's worked or not.

2006-05-31, 15:43
Blocking them by exception in Firefox seems to have done the trick. Spybot's not finding them anymore :D

2006-06-03, 23:45
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