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2005-11-20, 07:50
I have used Spybot S&D over a number of years, and it has never detected
any scumware, or anything else for that matter.
I can't believe that I am the only person in the whole world that has never had any spyware on their PC.
I have always kept it updated
Are you sure it works.

2005-11-20, 17:48
Yes we are sure it works. ;) If you have multilayered security programs, keep Windows updated/patched along with safe surfing habits, you may seldom experience an infection.

However, new malware is constantly released and has to be researched and added to detections.

If you would like someone to take a look at the system for peace of mind.Please go here and follow instructions.
Before you post a log (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288[/url)

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