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2006-05-29, 17:45
Hi all,

I've been using S&D for years now and very happy overall, never had the need to register at the forums before, but if possible can I ask for 2 small things to be considered for inclusion in future releases.

Firstly, I have a large family and am the only "techy" in it. My time is frequently taken up re-installing PCs that have been infested with spyware. I do install S&D with teatimer on these machines, but, as you all know, a 11 year old child can screw up his PC no matter what protection you put on it. It would be helpful if there was a "idiot" mode on teatimer that defaults the actions. Allows any delete action and denys any inclusion. No matter how many times I tell the kids to always deny anything that pops up, they frequently don't and then their Windows is screwed. It's better for me if they are simply not given the choice at all. No doubt they'd mess it up eventually anyway, but perhaps it will take them a little longer.

Secondly, it would be useful for me if the teatimer popups actually told your what process is trying to make the change.

I hope you consider my suggestions, and thank you for S&D, you're good guys.

2006-05-30, 20:15
I agree. That would be very helpful and convienient.