View Full Version : Possible yahoo security issue

2005-11-20, 17:31

here is something for you guys to look into it. I would suggest if they're is such a treath to include it in the list to be removed in spybot search and destroy.


2005-11-20, 19:09
Beyond the fact that the post you reference is from January 2002, it was just the Yahoo IM program opened by default on Port 80, as mentioned in this follow-up post by someone else.


This appears to just be a webserver used by Yahoo
IM to xfer files; check your IM preferences for file xfer
options (which includes a path to virus scanner
executable). The default port appears to be port 80 so
Code Red, Nimda and all usual scans will be hitting
this baby and showing up in the Yserver.log.

This really wasn't an issue in the first place, though Yahoo opening Port 80 for file access was rather stupid and I hope they've changed that. Nothing there for Team Spybot to do anything about though.