View Full Version : Smithfraud-C. detected by Spybot

2009-05-09, 20:51
How do I successfully remove Smithfraud-C. from my pc? Please read the problems below that I'm experiencing with my pc and I think it's all related to Smithfraud-C.

Spybot Reading:
Program Directory - 57 entries

Our family pc has been acting crazy; very slow respond time, locking up between programs, etc. I ran ever System Tool, CCleaner, etc. for cleaning & maintenance. I can't even defrag due to lack of memory. That is another HUGE issue is our lack of memory and after doing many inventories on the pc, I can't see a reason for the huge loss of memory. Upon running Spybot, it found Smithfraud-C. with 57 entries. After doing some research on the internet about Smithfraud-C., I realized it must be removed. It's impossible to remove. I have followed ever suggestion that I came across.

2009-05-09, 21:04
Hi SeaSandBlonde,

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I would like you to do that (http://forums.spybot.info/showpost.php?p=304562&postcount=2). An analyst will help you in the Malware Removal Forum. :)