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2009-05-13, 22:10
Hi Everyone

First post,, I have used this tool and donated on a few occasions now so i feel i have the right to ask this question. My comp is old and its slowing down, i use spybot and free avg, i also use adware and a few free malware progs,, but nothing really works and my pc is still slow,, its to old to pay for a good virus checker as i may by a new comp soon, so what free tools do you recommend that might get rid of the rubbish on my comp,, i know what most will say and get a new comp, but i run a website and have loads of stuff on this old comp that i dont want to lose or can not copy over to a new one.

Any help please would be appreciated.


2009-05-14, 05:16
avast! anti-virus is a lightweight AV that can run on systems with not a lot of RAM.

MalwareByte's Anti-Malware, a-squared (not recommended for older system, but is a good anti-malware program/on-demand scanner for your new machine), and Superantispyware.