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2005-11-20, 17:28
I discovered a young relative of mine was using my machine to download cracks from various sites. ZoneAlarm's virusscan module, caught multiple instances of this virus in various files that he had dwnlded.

They were all contained in little applets called "crack.exe" or "run.exe" included in the crack archives. I deleted all the archives and ran spybot-SD (came up clean), as well as Ad-Aware 106 (clean) and Regsitry Medic (which includes a virus filter, of what quality I don't know) also came up clean. I also updated my spywareblaster. Thje system was clean. After severly admonishing my relative (who's only 14) about the dangers and illegality of a "crack" addiction (so to speak :) ), I used Steganos Trace Destructor as well as East-Tec Eraser to not only clean any possible virii missed by ZA but also to eliminate all traces of visits to the "warez" sites--all of which, upon being whosis'd, appear to be in Russia or China. I highly reccommend both Steganos Security Suite, pricey as it is, and East-Tec Eraser as indispensible in keeping your PC running smoothly and destroying malware utterly.

I was really impressed by the easily understood, easily implemented advice from Spybot staff (volunteers?). I've always been impressed with the program (Its always the first or one of the first things I do when I install windows for the first time or buy a new computer, as with my recently purchased laptop; it always catches Microsoft's little Alexa gift).

Its amazing that payware companies (and we all know who the major villains are) produce such inadequate and badly coded product whereas spybot and other freeware products are of so much higher quality.

Thanks! I will be donating as soon as my financial situation eases.


(BTW, despite identifying the Win32.Haring.AY virus/highjacker, CA's database had no info on it; I went to Google and this spybot page was at the top of the search returns. Outstanding.)

2005-11-21, 09:19
Thank you for the nice feedback pain_man, have a great week! :)