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2009-07-24, 08:53
Hi! A patient Spybot person is working with me via email on my virus problem. We are in different time zones, so I thought I might ask for a little help on the forum so I can try to complete their request. Per their instructions, I have run a deep scan and have been asked to send the resulting .cab file that appeared after clicking on "Pack Suspicious Files". I have tried twice to send it and my contact tells me they have not received it. It shows up in my sent box but the file is VERY large and I'm assuming that is why it is not being received by my Spybot helper. The file 243MB! Is it possible to break it up into smaller files and send it that way? Is this .cab file usually this large after a deep scan???

Thanks for any feedback!

2009-07-24, 11:31
Nevermind! Just needed to send part of file.


2009-07-24, 19:56
wonder's topic in the malware removal forum: http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=50244 :)