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2006-06-12, 16:50
As many of you will be aware, Microsoft has recently released a tool which can detect the presence of an illegitimate version of Windows. This tool (known as WGA or windows genuine advantage) sits in you system tray and continually prompts you in order to irritate you into paying for a genuine version of the software. There is also a countdown timer at the startup which prevents you from entering windows in a normal fashion and which forces you to wait 5 seconds before clicking "resolve later".

My point is that, genuine version of windows or not, this tool seriously invades the quality of your experience in Windows and causes activity similar to that experienced when your computer contains spyware/malware. In addition to the activity mentioned above, the tool now reports back statistics to Microsoft without the users consent. This activity is generally halted in its tracks by a decent firewall. The tool doesn't even appear to be a proper update for windows; it's basically a poorly finished bolt on.

I think Spybot should contain a rule to remove this tool; there's certainly a demand for it.

2006-06-12, 16:58
P.s. I just found this: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060608-7017.html

Basically the tool invades you privacy regardless of whether you have a legitimate version of windows or not and is causing a fair amount of controversy.

2006-06-12, 18:36

This tool (known as WGA or windows genuine advantage) sits in you system tray and continually prompts you in order to irritate you into paying for a genuine version of the software.
WGA notification should not behave in that fashion if one has a legitimate copy of Windows and there is good reason to have one.

People who do not have legitimate copies of Windows will continually be re-infected and their computer could be used (unbeknown to the owner) as a zombie to infect many others and as a spam server.
Piracy costs everyone.

I think Spybot should contain a rule to remove this tool; there's certainly a demand for it.
Possible to detect, but once installed it cannot be removed.

More links:

That said, it was an ill advised move imo. :(

2006-06-25, 16:39
Also, have a look on this link about "Spyware accusations":


2006-06-25, 20:38
Any program that "calls home" will be open to scrutiny no matter who the vendor.

2006-06-27, 03:23
The "Calling Home" home issue can be solved with this tool (http://www.firewallleaktester.com/removewga.htm), and in fact the whole WGA issue can be solved ( = deleted ), but in my opnion it is not up to me to tell owners from illegal versions of Windows how to do that.

Won't you agree :heart: tashi :heart: sweety ;)

Greetz, Red.

2006-06-28, 21:19
How to disable or uninstall the pilot version of Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications
Article ID : 921914
Last Review : June 27, 2006
Revision : 1.2

This article applies to the version of Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notifications that is distributed during the pilot program. For example, this version is included in the pre-release version that accompanies the Microsoft Software License Terms. To safely and easily uninstall the pilot version, you must install the general release version of WGA Notifications. If you do not install this version, you can follow the steps in this article to disable or uninstall the pilot version.

2006-06-29, 04:30
Those instructions are only for pilot version :heart: tashi :heart: sweety :)

Important These instructions have not been tested on the general release version of the WGA Notifications. Therefore, these instructions are not supported. Microsoft will offer the general release version of WGA Notifications to users who uninstall the pilot version at a later date. These users will obtain the general release version through the Microsoft Automatic Update service. WGA Notifications is part of the Windows Genuine Advantage program.
Greetz, Red.

2006-06-29, 07:07
Hello Rednose

Thank you for clarifying.

The Register
Published Wednesday 28th June 2006

2006-07-29, 15:44
I tried the following steps to get rid of those bloody annoying messages and it worked:

1. Go to \windows\system32 in explorer
2. Rename WgaLogon.dll to WgaLogon.dll.bak
3. Create a new empty WgaLogon.dll in notepad and save to the same location
4. Right click on the task bar, and open the Task Manager at the processes tab
5. (Quickly) delete WgaTray.exe in the system32 folder, then it will give you approx 5 secs to click on WgaTray.exe in the Task Manager and click End Task, and confirm
6. Restart your computer and the login and nag massages should be gone

Make sure you have the Task Manager and the System32 folder open at the same time, as step 5 is really quick.

Hope this helps someone.

Get it up you Bill Gates.

2006-07-31, 18:51
Turning it off will not be a long term solution.

Consider reviewing the WGA blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/wga/)for the listing of issues, and then posting your issue in the WGA forum (http://forums.microsoft.com/Genuine/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=442&SiteID=25)

2006-09-05, 08:24
Hi Tashi,

I know this doesn't really 'fit' in the Spybot forum, but since you suggested reading the WGA blog [which I did :)] I'm hoping maybe you might have some thoughts on this.

We have 3 puters here, two Dells and a Compaq [which prob doesn't matter]. Two came with their own Windows CD; one Dell and the Compaq - sometimes where you buy them don't bother giving you the CD.

Now, one puter probably doesn't matter since it's never updated for anything and is not connected to the internet for ANYTHING exect networking between the other two puters. It's primarily for backup and secondary that the children's games are on it. This one never came with a CD.

I discovered one day that both my hubby's and my puter's have the exact same Windows installed [same OEM number (the backup one does as well, but as stated above, it didn't come with a CD, I don't think it'll matter too much since it's not 'allowed' on the net)], which I know isn't right. Now, of course, even though I keep ALL our disk's for each puter in it's own box, I can NOT find a 2nd CD for Windows. I've been searching systematically for the other CD, I know I have to find it eventually - I have the little booklet it came in, but for some reason there's no CD in it :confused:.

My question is: is there a way to find out which OEM is supposed to be on which puter so I know who has the right one and who doesn't? Does it matter that the same OEM is put on the same puter it was originally put on?


2006-09-05, 09:39
Hi Teesa.

Instructions on how to verify if you have a genuine copy of Windows:


Use "Windows Validation Assistant" for each PC and let us know how it goes. :)

2006-09-12, 00:36

I bought my PC from "Comet" a few years ago (er 3 or 4 I think), everything was pre-loaded - *everything* - thats the way it used to be. What the hell am I supposed to do?? I paid for and am using the PC in good faith.

I bought a second-hand (from a `proper` registered dealer) laptop for my wife 18 months ago - it also had *everythying* pre-installed.

Does MS realy think we all go out and buy `Windows XP` and the like seperate from our PC - we might not buy it if we did!!
OR - do MS think we all go out - after buying an expenxive machine - to buy something which is not genuine??

This whole business stinks - we users are paying hard cash (twice) for dealers on the fiddle - MS should `get` them not us.


2006-09-12, 02:08
Hello blind_I

I know it is frustrating and there are venues where you can make your concerns heard.

Speak to us at Microsoft! Windows Genuine Advantage Talkback (http://forums.microsoft.com/Genuine/default.aspx?ForumGroupID=125&SiteID=25)

An interesting topic:

Questions and comments posed in a reasonable way will always be appreciated I'm sure.

Best wishes. :)

2006-09-19, 21:24
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WGA is technically spyware

Two reasons why:

(1)WGA is mandatory, and you can't uninstall WGA. It also does unauthorized spying. It sends data to Microsoft. Since they put it in SP2 customers aren't notified Microsoft is spying on you.

It's forced spyware.

(2)I had a incodent where my operating system was secretly sending data to www-.fbi.-gov without permission.

Also we don't really know what WGA is sending. Is Microsoft really telling the truth about WGA. Should someone, or the CDT monitor WGA to see what it reports, what it does?

I need proof it's not spyware. If not WGA needs to be in the Anti-Spyware databases because I don't like a program that spies on you by Microsoft which you can't remove. Espically reporting all the time. They know I paid for XP and shouldn't have to keep reporting my XP's key all the time. They could be spying on me too. Espically the index.dat files.